Thermal spray coating demand will grow at a 6.6% CAGR from 2022 to 2032.

The global market for depositing protective coatings on various surfaces using thermal spray technology is referred to as the thermal spray coating market. Thermal spray coatings are used to improve the surface qualities of different materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, as well as to offer corrosion, wear, and erosion protection. The growing need for high performance coatings in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and energy, as well as the necessity for increased efficiency and durability of components and parts, are driving the thermal spray coatings market. Hiring is on the rise.

The market is divided into segments based on criteria such as material type, process type, and end-use industry. Metals, ceramics, polymers, and other materials are commonly utilised in thermal spray coatings. Flame spray, arc spray, and plasma spray are the most common process methods utilised for thermal spray coatings. Aerospace, automotive, healthcare, energy, and other sectors employ thermal spray coatings extensively. Because of its established manufacturing sector and strong demand for thermal spray coatings in numerous sectors, North America dominates the thermal spray coatings market. Nevertheless, the market is expanding significantly in other areas, such as Asia-Pacific, as a result of increased infrastructure investment and increased demand for high-performance coatings.

Major players in the thermal spray coating market include Oerlikon Metco, Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc., Bodycote plc, HC Starck GmbH, APS Materials, Inc., Plasma-Tec, Inc. These players are investing in research and development. Providing innovative thermal spray coatings that can meet the changing needs of various industries while ensuring durability, reliability and cost-effectiveness

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Key Findings of Thermal Spray Coatings Market Research:

  • The report provides a current market outlook for thermal spray coatings. Moreover, the market share of thermal spray coatings is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period.
  • Regional breakdown of thermal spray coatings market based on pre-defined taxonomies.
  • Innovative manufacturing process implemented by a thermal spray coating vendor in detail.
  • To understand the revenue and growth prospects of these areas with the regional and country segmentation of the Thermal Spray Coatings market.
  • Changing consumer preferences in different regions and countries.
  • Factors (positive and negative) influencing the growth of the global thermal spray coatings market.
  • Thermal Spray Coatings Price, Market Share and Trend Forecast for 2022-2032 Evaluation Period

Competitive landscape analysis

This report provides detailed insight into the competition prevailing in the market. It profiles the company in terms of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The growth prospects of companies belonging to each of these tiers are examined in detail.

The study also includes a company share analysis to assess the share held by each of these companies. It also highlights some of the winning strategies employed by market players. The impact of government regulation on the strategies adopted by market participants is assessed in detail.

Some of the key players operating in the market are:

  • Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.
  • Höganäs AB
  • HC Starck Co., Ltd.
  • Castrin eutectic
  • Wall Colmonoy
  • Powder Alloy Co., Ltd.
  • Saint-Gobain SA
  • Carpenter Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Fujimi Co., Ltd.
  • Durum Wear Protection GmbH

Why should I buy this report?

This report provides readers with valuable insights to help their clients understand the market and remain competitive in the long term. These insights include −

  • Competitor strategies in the thermal spray coating industry that help clients stay competitive. The competitive landscape section of this report focuses on the rank of companies and their market share in terms of both value and volume.
  • Trends and development opportunities in new opportunities for thermal spray coatings are integrated with the latest technology in the field. Recent developments in the market are added, intended to help stakeholders learn the dynamic changes in the industry.
  • A regional and segment-wise evaluation of the thermal spray coatings market is made based on product type, region, and application highlighting end-consumer perceptions interested in adopting thermal spray coatings.
  • New collaborations and partnerships in the industry.
  • This study discusses the regulatory measures impacting the growth of the thermal spray coatings market.

What insights does the thermal spray coating report provide readers?

  • Fragmentation of thermal spray coatings based on product type, end use, and geography.
  • A comprehensive assessment of upstream starting materials, downstream demand, and current market conditions.
  • Collaborations, R&D projects, acquisitions and product launches for each thermal spray coating
  • Details of the various regulations imposed by the government on the consumption of thermal spray coatings.

Major segments covered in the Thermal Spray Coatings industry report

  • Thermal Spray Coating by Product
    • ceramic thermal spray coating
    • Intermetallic thermal spray coating
    • polymer spray coating
    • Carbide thermal spray coating
    • abradable thermal spray coating
    • Other thermal spray coating products
  • Thermal spray coating by technology
    • plasma spray coating
    • flame spray coating
    • HVOF thermal spray coating
    • electric arc spray coating
    • cold spray coating
    • Other technology-based thermal spray coatings
  • Thermal spray coatings by application
    • Aerospace
    • industrial gas turbine
    • automotive applications
    • medical use
    • printing
    • oil gas
    • steel
    • paper pulp
    • Other applications

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